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Mr Krabs Skin for Minecraft

I shared Mr Krabs in this topic. Those who want to find Mr Krabs can look at the subtitle. I hope everyone benefits from the Mr Krabs title. I'm waiting for your comments on Mr Krabs. Leave a comment on Mr Krabs if you're playing Minecraft. :)

Mr Krabs

How to install Mr Krabs Skin for Minecraft?

Mr Krabs Skin Download
Save the downloaded image to your desktop and rename “steve” or “alex” (depending on your character).
Open the .minecraft / versions / 1.12.x / 1.12.x.jar file with 7-Zip, Winrar or WinZip.
Open the assets / minecraft / textures / entity folder.
Rename the original image of “steve” or “alex” (backup).
Paste the image of the skin that we have downloaded into the “entity” folder.
SpongeBob’s most popular red crab!
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Hi, I'm Bill. I share modes, news, packages, versions about Minecraft.

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